Thank You Day Thanking Wall

Raise a glass to The Queen for 70 years of outstanding service and say a great big thank you to each other as well!

Thank You Day Thanking Wall

Thank You DayTAP to THANK

To: All essential workers, Thank You Day

Thank you nurses doctors carers delivery dustman postman for keeping us going in Waltham Forest ♥️

Yvonne Carne

To: The NHS

Dear the whole NHS in England. Thank you for all you have done. And thank you for doing my 2 carpul tunnel operations first one in 2012 and second one in 2013. I still get symptoms from carpul tunnel and now I have my own left and right splints for my hands and wrists. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. And thank you for making my English teacher David Campbell when he was rushed to hospital and died of lung cancer aged 38 I miss him very much. You are the best medical serivce I have ever known in my life.

Lucinda Riis-johannessen

To: Caroline Hurry and Emma Driscoll

We are so pleased they were able to join at Wembley and we were able to celebrate the local community heroes. Creating opportunities to thank and celebrate each other is hugely important


To: Caroline Hurry and Emma Driscoll

Well done guys x

Elaine Well done guys x O'Shea Browne

To: Caroline Hurry and Emma Driscoll

Well deserved ladies xx

Teresa Doody

To: Caroline Hurry and Emma Driscoll

wow and well done you two a credit to the community 👏

Roy Ebanks

To: My Family and Friends

Thank you to my family and friends for always being there for me

Anne Minett

To: Kayleigh-rose Topley

Thank you for always being there, for everything you do and for being a wonderful auntie to my girls x

Gemma scrivener

To: Basildon Hospital Staff, Ambulance, Nurses and Doctors!! Thank You Day

Thank you for all that you do to keep our family and friends well!!! Xxx

Kelly Cox-Barratt

To: Regent House Care Home

Thank you to everyone working at Regent house care home

Anne Minett

To: All essential workers

Thank you all those who work on our behalf. We could not manage without you. Xx

Susan Robertson

To: Everyone

Thank you to all those who made the Queens Platinum Celebrations so brilliant.

Jean Bullass

To: Everyone

Thank you xxxx

Megan Kilgour

To: Everyone

Thank you

Yvonne Carne

To: Everyone

Thank you xxxxxxxxx

Nell Darby

To: My family

Thank you to all my family past and present ❤❤ also to our Queen who has looked after the Country for 70 long years, Thank you ❤❤

Jane Clarke

To: All my family

Thank you xx

Lillian Joan Thorpe

To: Everyone

Thank you 🙏

Harmesh Reehal

To: All NHS Staff

Thank you all who work for NHS and all the wonderful carers, who care for our loved ones.👏⭐️❤️ xxx

Sylvia Roche

To: All NHS Staff

Thank you all NHS workers

Patricia Butler

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