Birthday Blog from the CEO

Birthday Blog from the CEO

On January 31st we celebrate our 3rd Birthday at TAP, giving me an occasion to both celebrate our successes and reflect on the journey we have been on. I can honestly say that I’ve never been involved with a more talented and passionate team of people, who over these few years have become my TAP family. Its these personal connections within our team that I am most proud of and the way we all support each other and bring the best out of each other is the real secret to TAP’s success. Furthermore, the mission led drive that we all feel at TAP has extended to our many supporters, onboarded organisations and members of the public. It is these extended members of our community which enable our mission to reach large numbers and affect true change.

The wonderful thing about the TAP platform is that we are simply creating and expanding a digital product which enables the sending and receiving of messages of thanks. But the actual messages, the consumer generated content that feeds our platform, comes from you, our community of users. And its our user’s positivity and appreciation which is driving our thanking revolution. In other words, at TAP we merely enable the sentiment that already exists. And that’s what excited me the most. In our world of social media there is so much content being shared that doesn’t improve peoples lives, that a social media for guaranteed positivity is needed and both the public and organisations seem to agree.

I am also extremely proud of our international teams out in Australia and America. Once again, I am lucky to be supported by incredible individuals bringing the TAP mission to a global audience. Their challenge reflects our early days, but our international operations are able to hit the ground running meaning they grow quickly. The combination of brilliant teams’ members and a solid business model is working well.

We never would have imagined what lay ahead of us in January 2019, when TAP was founded; the technical progress we have made, the global pandemic, the public outpouring of gratitude for key workers and the explosive growth of the TAP platform. I’d like to take a moment to say thank-you to everyone that has and continues to support us both internally and externally. I’m convinced that TAP will become a global phenomenon and that the gratitude and appreciation that we all feel will become a genuine global currency of thanks.

Exciting times ahead! Thank you everybody.