As many of our TAP community know, some months ago Simon undertook a great journey and travelled from west coast to east coast to raise awareness of gratitude and giving thanks.

We had the chance to sit down with him again and discuss some parts of the trip - and we are excited to be sharing some of his reflections with you today!

What was the motivation to do it?

During lockdown gratitude was at the forefront of our minds as we clapped for the NHS and praised key workers. I decided to undertake the challenge of traveling across the country from coast to coast on my mobility scooter to firstly thank some of these amazing Unsung Heroes in the social care and healthcare sectors personally, and also to keep gratitude in peoples thoughts, to encourage people to continue to be grateful.

What was the hardest part?

The journey certainly had it’s challenges and while it was more a challenge of endurance rather than a physical challenge, being in a wheelchair, the hardest part was probably staying in hotel rooms, and in particular getting in and out of hotel beds. You never know how easy or difficult they will be until you actually get to the room!

What was the best part?

Driving through England in the autumn was always going to have the added challenge of the British weather, there were days where the rain bounced down and I could barely see the road ahead, driving over the Pennines was particularly challenging in this respect! The best drive of the journey was travelling from Manchester to Glossop, leaving Manchester’s urban sprawl behind and heading into the Peak District in glorious sunshine was particularly rewarding!

What was the best encounter you had along the way?

It was a wonderful trip and reinforced my feelings about the power of gratitude. When I arrived at Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop I was met by a wonderful reception, several nurses and other healthcare workers were outside the hospital clapping and cheering me on as I arrived, the gratitude was reciprocal!

Would you do it again?

It was a wonderful trip and it was a pleasure to be able to thank care workers face to face and see the joy in the faces of these precious individuals as I passed on messages of gratitude. I am already planning to do something similar but much bigger next year, I’m hoping to go from John O’Groats to Land’s End to continue spreading positivity through the power of gratitude through out the United Kingdom.

What is something you learned?

It was a great adventure. I learned that gratitude is even more powerful than I had previously imagined. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! I was so happy to receive the gratitude that bounces back from the very people I was thanking myself! Even the smallest expression of gratitude can really lighten someone’s day! It made me even more determined to keep on expressing gratitude in all aspects of my life!

Is there something you’d do differently next time?

When I undertake my next gratitude spreading adventure I want to reach even more key workers, and spread gratitude even further, I’m hoping by then I will even be able to go inside some of these health and social care institutions and thank even more of these amazing people. Positivity through the power of gratitude truly is the gift that keeps on giving. So brighten someone’s day and show your appreciation, visit and express gratitude today!