Gratitude Builds Respect

Gratitude Builds Respect

Respect is a reciprocal process. If we want to be respected, we need to respect others.

As Marvin Gaye once said:

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up."

Rather than having a self-centered approach to personal growth, we need to realise that we find purpose and fulfilment by lifting and empowering those around us.

Respect creates a chain reaction; the more we show respect, not only will we be more respected, but it will model 'respect' and will encourage others to continue spreading respect.

When we think about all the positive achievements that another person has achieved, we will respect them more, rather than dwelling on all the things about them that we don't like or disagree with.

If all of this sounds familiar - well it should - gratitude and respect are intrinsically linked!

Gratitude is an essential component of respecting and being respected by others. When we look inwardly and cherish all the things in our lives that are going well, when we appreciate what we have and live gratefully we will be starting off from a more positive mindset.

Gratitude and positive behaviour change us psychologically. When we are respectful and grateful, our levels of life satisfaction increase and negative feelings such as greed, jealousy and complacency are diminished.

We become more empathetic, seeing the good things in our own lives and the lives of those around us. Even if we disagree with someone else's opinion, we will still respect them, recognise, acknowledge and appreciate them. This respect and gratitude pays forward like a ripple effect on a stream.

Bahram Akradi, CEO of Life Time --- The Healthy Way of Life Company said:

"Every positive word we speak and every positive action we take --- no matter how big or small it might be --- can help rebuild the foundation of a more generous, accepting, loving, grateful, and respectful society. That's something we can be proud to pass on to the next generation."

Practicing deep gratitude means we will be actively listening with authentic concern for the other person. The power of gratitude helps us to build a psychologically safe space, where we are not afraid to speak up and to air our opinions without fear of reprisals.

This will make giving honest feedback easier. If we repeat the other person, we will be able to say what we think to them, and framed by gratitude this will facilitate more open communication.

It will also help us to embrace the diversity of our teams and organisations, when everyone feels appreciated and respected. This strong bond between team members will also build trust, knowing that we will get honest answers and knowing that our colleagues have our back just as we have theirs!

Respect empowered through gratitude will encourage more dialogue, and the more dialogue the stronger the lines of communication will be. This will not only make the workplace a happier place to be; it will also aid conflict resolution and improve decision making.

If we treat others with respect and appreciate their actions, they will do the same to us. So, let's garner more respect in our lives through daily practices of gratitude!