Gratitude enables and enhances positive channels of communication

Gratitude enables and enhances positive channels of communication

Our lives are built on relationships. Whether they are personal relationships, professional relationships or social relationships. Communication is key to maintaining and strengthening these relationships. Without meaningful communication these vital life affirming relationships will stagnate and perish.


Gratitude sets a positive tone for all that communication to thrive and grow. When we practice deep gratitude, we search for reasons to be grateful. We communicate with our inner voice; rather than trying to stifle and silence it we encourage it to shout out from a truly positive base. We can express gratitude for all the things we have in our lives; this changes our mindset and gives us a more positive outlook. It grounds us in a positive present moment, it is the start of mindful communication.


We often take our loved ones for granted, they are always doing things for us daily, cooking meals, bringing in the money, actively listening to our problems with positive curiosity which itself is strengthened by the power of gratitude. If we take the time to thank the people that we have personal relationships with we will relight the fire and engender even more kindness. Gratitude is infectious and will not only be repaid to us but it will encourage our nearest and dearest to pay that gratitude forward and this will lift the whole atmosphere of our home life and make everyone feel valued and appreciated.


In the workplace gratitude is an integral part of creating a psychologically safe space, where everyone feels included and their contributions validated. Members of our teams will be more energised through the power of gratitude and this will strengthen the team as a whole. Peer to peer gratitude really makes the workplace a happier place to be; our colleagues will feel encouraged by our gratitude and they will realise that their kind actions haven’t gone unnoticed.


We live in a world that is becoming ever more digitalised, and while “digital gratitude” will never replace face to face gratitude, we can never have enough channels of positive communication. We can send messages of thanks through the TAP app to make sure that every single person is rewarded with gratitude for their kind actions.


Gratitude often gives us a reason to reach out and connect with someone; if we live gratefully, we will be actively seeking out these acts of kindness to give us the opportunity to express gratitude. It can be a conversation starter, rather than wasting valuable time with unimportant small talk, we can start the conversation with a gratitude fuelled burst of positivity!


When we start a conversation in this way we can establish a common ground from the outset, and this will lay the foundation for a positive and meaningful conversation. We can encourage others to be more grateful communicators by setting an example. By modelling gratitude it will inspire others to show more appreciation and will not only strengthen the lines of communication, it will open up new positive channels of communication too!


Let’s use gratitude to positively impact all our communication channels and strengthen all our relationships, making every aspect of our lives happier and more positive!