Gratitude Shines a light on Social Care

Gratitude Shines a light on Social Care

Gratitude is the glue that holds the Social Care sector together. In addition to the thousands of Social Care professionals, there is an army of volunteers, without whom the sector wouldn't be able to function. They do it out of love for other people and showing them gratitude really helps to fuel their actions and drives them on to continue their wonderful work.

Championing Social Care is an initiative that shines a light on the wonderful work that goes on in the sector.

The Director of Championing Social Care, Nika Noakes said:

Championing Social Care is a wonderful initiative that harnesses the power of volunteering. It's a cross sector volunteer initiative and our one and only agenda is to celebrate the incredible social care sector.

Gratitude bridges the generation gap and this is clearly exemplified in the Social Care sector. It creates a common ground where young and old can come together, share moments and create positive memories. It connects communities and makes everyone feel involved.

Shining a light on social care also highlights the tremendous work these social care professionals do is important. They work tirelessly around the clock keeping our loved ones safe, and gratitude is the very least we can give them. Our involvement with the social care sector is often dominated by our concern for our loved ones, so we often forget to take the time to show gratitude to the very people who have been there providing the care!

It's not that we are ungrateful, we are just distracted and may not even know how to say thank you. During the Covid pandemic, we clapped for carers and were united through the power of gratitude. We need to keep on showing that appreciation, just as those working in the sector keep taking care of our nearest and dearest. Initiatives like Championing Social Care give us those prompts, to keep on thanking our wonderful Social Care superheroes.

The depletion of the Social Care workforce is a serious problem. The workforce is typically women over the age of 45. The power of gratitude builds and strengthens teams, makes the individuals feel valued, and helps increase productivity, which in turn reduces staff turnover. If care workers feel they are encouraged and supported by their colleagues, they will be less likely to leave.

The power of gratitude helps us to see the Social Care sector from a new perspective. Making it more appealing to younger people as a popular career path. Young people will know that they will be joining a strong, supportive environment with psychological safety at the heart of it!

So, let's get involved with Championing Social Care and their initiatives such as Care Home Open Week and Sparkle for Social Care, and help to raise the profile of the Social Care sector making it a more attractive place to be to work, visit and even live. The power of gratitude will empower us to change the world around us and make it a more positive place!

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