How do you thank care workers?

How do you thank care workers?

Care workers look after some of society’s most vulnerable people and yet it’s easy for our busy lives to get in the way of saying thank you. You’re not alone. In a survey which TAP carried out with over 200 people, 70% of people who described themselves as natural thankers, said that they didn’t always get a chance to say thank you.

This can be for a range of reasons from not having the time, not knowing who specifically to thank, not having the right contact details or simply not knowing the correct protocol for thanking someone working in a care setting.

Whether you have direct experience of the care sector or not, care workers are amongst the least recognised Unsung Heroes in our society, often putting their own welfare before those they care for.

So, whether you’re a friend or relative of someone who is receiving excellent care, or simply someone who appreciates the amazing sacrifice made by care workers, they will be deeply appreciative of your praise.

So, how do you say thank you to a care worker?

Well, that’s why TAP was created in the first place. To make it easier to pass on your thanks, whether you’re someone receiving care, a friend or a relative; you can do so in the moment, digitally and securely. Whether that’s saying thank you to the frontline care team or support staff.

You can thank someone special using TAP’s free-to-use social thanking platform in a number of easy ways:

  • Via TAP’s social care thanking walls at - there are a number of organisation-specific thanking walls however you can also leave a message on our main Social Thanking Wall
  • Via TAP’s private messaging platform if the organisation has registered
  • Via TAP’s social media channels; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Via TAP’s free App available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store - simply search for ‘TAP Thank and Praise’!

Saying thank you is a simple act however it can have a transformative effect on the person being thanked. Afterall, according to a recent survey by the Institute of Health and Social Care Management, 90% of care workers don’t believe that they receive the recognition that they deserve.

Here are just a few thank you messages selected from thousands of messages of appreciation on TAP’s social thanking platform:

To: All Staff, National Association of Care and Support Workers

Without the help of Volunteer workers, we would be short of a lot of love, care and understanding these people give. Well done all and thank you for giving up your time, to help others.


To: All staff and Management, Pineshield

I’d like to thank all the Staff and the Management Team, whose positive and proactive approach to care, allow individuals to remain at home with such amazing support.


To: Ryan, Tira, Abby and everyone, Swallowcourt

What can we say, other than a massive thank you to everyone for looking after Mark’s mum and our sister, Joyce. We never in a million years, thought we would still have her with us. Can’t say anything more, other than thank you.


So, if you want to say thank you to a care worker or care organisation, simply visit and show how appreciative you are!