How to say thank you to a teacher!

How to say thank you to a teacher!

It’s easy for our busy lives to get in the way of saying thank you. You’re not alone. In a survey which TAP carried out with over 200 people, 70% of people who described themselves as natural thankers, said that they didn’t always get a chance to say thank you.

This can be for a range of reasons from not having the time, not knowing who specifically to thank, not having the right contact details or simply not knowing the correct protocol for thanking someone in a school.

Traditionally, there’s the opportunity to say thank you to your children’s teachers at Parents’ Evening and with an end of term gift, perhaps organised by the school’s PTA. However, in recent years, even these opportunities have not been as easily available to parents.

And what if you’d like to say thank you midway through the school term, when you feel the urge to show your appreciation...

So, how do you say thank you to a teacher?

Well, that’s why TAP was created in the first place. To make it easier to pass on your thanks, in the moment, digitally and securely. Whether that’s saying thank you to nursery staff, a teacher, a teaching assistant, a headteacher or another member of school staff?

You can thank someone special using TAP’s free-to-use social thanking platform in a number of easy ways:

  • Via TAP’s school thanking walls at - there are a number of school-specific thanking walls however you can also leave a message on our main Education Thanking Wall
  • Via TAP’s private messaging platform if your school has registered
  • Via TAP’s social media channels; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Via TAP’s free App available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store - simply search for ‘TAP Thank and Praise’!

Saying thank you is a simple act however it can have a transformative effect on the person being thanked. Afterall, according to the Teacher Well-being Index (2019), 65% of staff leaving the profession stated that it was because they do not feel valued.

Here are just a couple of thank you messages selected from thousands of messages of appreciation on TAP’s social thanking platform:

To: All Staff, Education

Wonderful teachers, self-sacrificing and committed to helping our kids achieve their full potential, Proud of them all.


To: St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School

Thank you all for being so wonderful this year! It’s been a tough year for everyone and your kindness and patience and care has been constant. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers for my son this year, he had a difficult start and I can’t believe the change in him this year, he’s back to loving school and that’s in no small part down to how brilliant you all are.


To: Exmouth Community College

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and staff for their hard work and positivity during this very difficult period. I have three children at the school including one who is new to Year 7. All three of them are thoroughly enjoying being back at school and look forward to going to school every day. My two oldest are absolutely flourishing at the school and I’m sure the youngest will too. I really can’t thank you enough and fully appreciate how much time and effort must have been put in to ensure that the children could return to school with as little stress as possible.


So whenever you want to express gratitude to a teacher or another member of school staff, simply visit and show how appreciative you are!