How to Say Thanks on Social Media

How to Say Thanks on Social Media

Saying “Thank you” is an important social convention which has great benefits both for the person giving thanks, and for the recipient. We can show our appreciation in many ways, but the rise of social networks, coupled with the pandemic, have made the art of how to say thanks on social media more crucial than ever.

The power of social media

Social media and networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have become an integral part of the daily lives of people across the globe. The world has become increasingly more dependent on social media as a means of keeping in touch with the world outside.

Social media has a huge range of benefits. It’s a phenomenal way of staying in contact, learning new things, better understanding the world, exploring different perspectives and sharing ideas - and of course helping us say ‘thanks’. But social media also has a negative side. It removes boundaries, and users can forget that there are real people behind the screen. Trolling, negativity and divisive content are on the rise, and all too often lead to social anxiety and depression for those on the receiving end.

So the concept of ‘being kind’ online is more important now than ever before.

The power of kindness

Social media is an effective way of spreading information across the world in minutes, and that makes it a hugely effective way of spreading kindness and gratitude too. Saying thank you to those who have helped us or impacted our lives, is a sign of respect, an indication that we don’t take them for granted, and an acknowledgement that they really matter. When you say thanks on social media, this heartfelt message is amplified into the public domain so that others can see how amazing the person who has helped you is, and they can show their appreciation too. Positivity breeds positivity. And so the message of kindness spreads.

Research in psychology shows that gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness. Being thankful can help both the person doing the thanking and the person being thanked feel positive, improve their health and well-being, feel better equipped to deal with adversity, and build strong relationships with others. And if you think about the adversity faced by health professionals, teachers and other keyworkers in recent times, then finding out how to say thanks on social media is a small gesture that can have an enormous impact.

So how can I thank someone on social media?

There are lots of ways you can use social networks to show your appreciation of someone special. Here are a few ideas showing how to say thanks on social media:

Like, love, comment and engage!

If a healthcare worker, teacher, keyworker, or any other unsung hero posts online about something they have achieved, then make sure you publicly celebrate their hard work. Like, comment, engage and praise them online, so everyone can see how great they are.

Write your own post with a personal touch

Create your own positive posts about the incredible work someone has done, or how they have personally helped you. People love to read personal stories and how challenges have been overcome. The person you are writing about will appreciate your acknowledgement of the impact they have had on you, and it will make them feel really positive about themselves and all the hard work they are putting in.

Show empathy to others

Showing empathy, understanding and solidarity is a way of showing kindness on social media. If someone who deserves thanks has posted something about how hard they have to work, how much stress they are under or how they are struggling, then reach out to them with a message of support to show that you hear them. That small gesture can mean a lot.

Share the good news

If someone special has posted something really inspirational about the work they do, then share, share and share again! This is a way of not only informing others of the incredible work being done, but will generally spread positivity across the social networks too. Good news stories make everyone feel good, and the person you are acknowledging will appreciate the share on a professional and a personal level.

Say thank you with Thank & Praise

Thank & Praise (TAP) is a unique social thanking platform created to help thank Unsung Heroes working in healthcare, social care and education, while raising funds for good causes. Through the platform you can thank people privately, publicly, or help them raise money to show your appreciation - and one way of doing this is through TAP’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How can TAP help me say thanks?

Social media is a wonderful way to spread thanks and appreciation, but messages can be transient. TAP can help you extend your appreciation of Unsung Heroes beyond social media and into something more permanent.

The aim is to enable members of the public to say thanks quickly and easily by removing any barriers, such as not knowing contact details of the person or organisation, or not having time to post a card or say thanks in person. So it’s really simple to register and send a message straight away, via a range of digital channels.

By sending messages of thanks to our Unsung Heroes, we can help improve the mental well-being of keyworkers in health and education during challenging times and beyond. TAP has a thanking community of around 35,000 people, so spreading a little kindness can go a long way!

We hope you enjoyed reading about how to say thanks on social media. Find out more about how TAP can help you say thank you to keyworkers here.