Meet the team: Mylena!

Meet the team: Mylena!

Mylena has been part of our team for some time now, and it's time the TAP community gets to know her better!

Why have you started working with TAP?

I started working for TAP because I saw an opportunity to work with what I like and also do good for the community. I believe in the TAP mission and wanted to help make it happen.

What excites you about TAP?

What excites me about TAP is that every day when I go onto the website, I see different messages of thanks. Everyday when I go on our Facebook page, I see people from all over the place sending messages of thanks.

What is your main mission in your role?

I think the main mission in my role is to catch people's attention when they are scrolling on social media. I want to create content that is attractive and makes them feel good and want to share it with their friends.

Can you share more about your work with schools/ your position/ your typical day, working for TAP?

So in my typical day, I'll create the social media content for our accounts, and make sure all comments were replied to on our socials. I also create posters, leaflets, and any graphic materials that our organisations might need.

What was the best message of thanks you've ever read

I have read many beautiful messages throughout the years, but I think one of the most beautiful one was a daughter, who had just lost her father, and she took the time, in that difficult situation, to write a beautiful message of thanks to all the doctors and nurses who help her father in the hospital

Have you sent a message of thanks yourself?

Yes, definitely! I have sent it quite a few times and I really enjoy the feeling of seeing my message on the wall :)