Meet the team: Phillip!

Meet the team: Phillip!

Why have you started working with TAP?

I started working with TAP to be part of an organisation which is actually doing something to recognise and appreciate all those special people in life, who don't just "do their jobs", but give themselves into putting others first. We, my wife and I, witnessed this type of person in the doctors and nurses who treated our special needs son some years ago, which is when TAP was birthed as an idea and later became a reality through the leadership and team who make TAP work today.

What excites you about TAP?

I enjoy working with TAP because we are continually innovating and improving our app to integrate with as many platforms as possible while retaining our uniqueness. Also, what we do is completely transferable from the NHS and Education sectors into SMEs and the corporate sector, which can transform business feedback from their customers from the predominantly negative to a more positive-centred experience, which in turn can increase staff well-being and lead to a significant change in the company culture...and even an increase in sales and profits with only a small investment -- mostly in time from the organisation.

What is your main mission in your role?

I am responsible for keeping the accounts in order and other business and administrative functions. My mission is to support the team wherever I can and assist the CEO in the smooth running of the business and it's very encouraging to see our idea being endorsed by the many investors and sponsors who share our vision to change the culture of organisations, which will change the world by changing the focus of individuals from "what did we do wrong?" to "what did we do right?"

Can you share more about your work with schools/ your position/ your typical day, working for TAP?

Mine is a behind-the-scenes role and very much an admin function. I am also a founder of TAP so assist with the general direction of the company through input in the various Management and shareholder meetings.

What was the best message of thanks you've ever read?

There are too many to select just one!

Have you sent a message of thanks yourself?