Meet the team: Ann!

Meet the team: Ann!

A few weeks ago, we announced our new content series to introduce our team to you. Today, we are continuing this series with a short interview with Ann.

Why have you started working with TAP?

Because TAP is taking social responsibility in our communities seriously.

What excites you about TAP?

Being part of a group of like minded people, who fosters sustainable development in society and for its essential workers

What is your main mission in your role?

To give organisations and the bigger community an opportunity to share appreciation and ultimately promote better welfare for people working in education, healthcare, social care and other services.

Can you share more about your work with schools/ your position/ your typical day, working for TAP?

Starts with a cup of tea, then checking the OnTAP platform for messages of thanks, moderating messages and offering support to our TAP organisations so that they have the resources to be able to show gratitude easily within their workplace/community.

What was the best message of thanks you've ever read?

It was for all educators striving for social justice and equity in education and posted on the Diverse Educators Thanking Wall. The message was

To: All Staff, Diverse Educators

every week I see teachers and educators going that extra mile, to do some extraordinary work to ensure a fairer and more socially just situation in schools, homes and communities. The EASIER, simpler option is to keep your head down and follow the path of "well things have always been this way" or the path of "it's not really fair no, but that's just the way things are". The path of progress is HARDER and it takes courage, hope and love. You are neither alone nor unappreciated, though sometimes it may feel that way. Thank you for all that you do!


Have you sent a message of thanks yourself?

Yes I have. It was to the Grange Care Home, Southall.

To: Grange Care Home, Southall

The gratitude that my family and I feel towards all the staff that look after my sister, can not be put into words. Nothing is too much trouble even when things are really difficult. We feel reassured to know that my sister is safe, cared for and is treated like she still has a voice. Thank you!

Ann Shaw