Meet the team: Pablo!

Meet the team: Pablo!

We are starting a new series on the TAP Blog, and it is all about the team! Today, we are starting with Pablo, who is the newest addition to our TAP team, and we asked him some questions!

Why did you start working with TAP?

TAP could give me a great working experience and I wanted to work for a company that improves the wellbeing of others, especially key workers. I love the mission of TAP and also the fact that its an international business with a global footprint (and offices)

What is your role at TAP?

My position is sales executive and my key role is to find sponsors for our key worker organisations' thanking walls (so that TAP is free to use for them). I'm also active in supporting user organisations so they understand the platform and can get the maximum benefit from thanking!

Can you share more about your work?

I'm currently based in my home country of Spain and I travel to the UK every couple of months to spend time with clients and the TAP team. The plan is to work with the UK team for the next 6 months and then move to the US to join the TAP America team. Since studying international relations at University, TAP is perfect for developing skills for my future. Furthermore, with all the bad news around the world, it's really important for me to be working for an ethical organisation with a mission to improve other people's lives and make the world a happier place. This is essential for me

Stay tuned for the next short portraits of our team!