Together Gratitude and Humility Lead us to a Happier Life

Together Gratitude and Humility Lead us to a Happier Life

One of the keys to happiness is humility. Proud people set themselves unachievable, high standards which brings with it the tendency to be greedy for bigger and better things. This leads people to be dissatisfied with what they have.

If we practice humility, we become aware of our failings and realise that nobody is perfect and that we rely on the help of others to achieve our goals. This will make us more satisfied with what we have and make us happier.

Gratitude and humility go hand in hand. When we express gratitude, we reveal our vulnerabilities. The whole process of gratitude means that we have endured a moment of difficulty; someone has acted kindly to help us overcome that difficulty and we acknowledge that kindness through gratitude.

James E Faust said:

‘A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness; it is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as courage, contentment, happiness, love and wellbeing.’

It can be difficult in our modern world with such an emphasis on personal achievements and how we look in society’s eyes, to express humility but the power of gratitude can help us to cultivate humility and live a happier life.

When we practice deep gratitude and look for the kindness in others, we will create that physiologically safe space where everyone’s voice can be heard.

This space will also enable us to have an open mindset; admitting to ourselves and others that we don’t know everything will endear you to other people and will show that you are open to growth and help you acquire new skills and broaden your knowledge base.

When we express gratitude and cultivate humility, we show others that we are not infallible. This makes us more approachable. Not being proud and thinking that we are always right will leave us open to listening to the great ideas and suggestions of others, whether that is in our personal or secular relationships.

Gratitude will help us to create an environment of humility and this will inspire others to reach their goals too! We achieve this by giving others credit for their progress in achieving their goals; this will encourage them to realise that if they fail, we will be there to encourage and support them! If we can show our vulnerabilities and show gratitude for their kindness, they will feel that they can do the same.

When we create this grateful environment, it will strengthen the bonds of these vital relationships. This humility which is built using the power of gratitude will encourage others to follow us. This will make us more successful leaders.

When we practice humility based on the foundations laid by the power of gratitude, we will become more empathetic. If we understand the suffering of others associated with failure, we can better understand when our team members make mistakes. Then the whole team naturally becomes willing to push harder to achieve targets when they know mistakes can be forgiven.

Humility makes us happier and practising deep gratitude makes us humbler; it is the lubricant that greases the wheels of progress!