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To: Reception staff at Upton and GP Poole
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Just wanted to say how impressed I was at the service we received last week - I filled in a klinik request for my daughter and very quickly received a phonecall from the receptionist to tell me that whilst she couldn’t be seen at our usual Upton surgery, she could be seen at the Poole branch that afternoon. The GP we saw at Poole was very helpful, and thorough also … thank you all.


To: Fiona Perry
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Kind, understanding, thoughtful and very thorough. Fiona was able to put me at ease and my mind at rest. Very much appreciated.

Lindsey Jolliffe

To: Ann - Blood Test
The Adam Practice, Lifeboat Quay, Poole

Ann was amazing today. I am not confident at all with blood tests and Ann made me feel at ease, comfortable in the surroundings and confident that she was going to do the test well! It was lovely talking to Ann and her passion for her role really showed. She really cares about her patients and their experience at the practice.

Lisa Bowyer

To: The telephone advisor
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Very understanding, efficient, and helpful with Klinik form in times of challenging events at home. Appreciated the way she handled my call, especially as dealing with high volumes of similar enquiries.


To: Dr Powell
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

I’d like to thank Dr Powell for his kind attention today. Although he was obviously very busy, he took time to listen to me, injected into my sore knee, and arranged for an X-ray. As soon as I got home the X-ray department phoned me to book my appointment. I was very impressed with the service I received

Rina Fraser

To: Dr Nicola Green
The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery, Poole

Came to see Dr Green this morning for peri-menopause symptoms. She was absolutely amazing. She was caring, kind, and listened. I was worried I’d have to battle to get help but not at all. A plan is in place and I feel so relieved. We definitely need more Dr Greens.

Anika Pelluet-White

To: Diana (Nurse Practitioner)
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Thank you for being so kind to me. You were professional and looked after me really well, even after I was out of your care.

Mrs c Keating

To: Ellie Hutchings
The Adam Practice, Poole, Poole

Thanks for posting on Facebook about our new community garden at Hamworthy Surgery.

Fiona Witt

To: Dr Guduru and Alison Hatchard
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

I would just like to thank Dr Guduru and Alison for the care and skill they displayed on my recent minor op. I am not the best of patients, especially with any form of surgery, and had been dreading the operation, particularly the injections. I am pleased to say that the op went really easily for me. I barely noticed the injections and did not feel a thing during the op. A really good job, thanks to you both.

Richard Fitzpatrick

To: Dr Pennell
The Adam Practice, Lifeboat Quay, Poole

Huge thanks to Dr Pennell for her time and patience in sorting out a swift urgent referral to have an operation I've been waiting on for a long time. You took my problem and situation seriously and were so efficient and I am now on the road to recovery. Thank you for your faultless care.

Samantha Seviour

To: Triage, Dr Manju and receptionist at Upton Surgery
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

A huge thank you to the team, starting with the lovely lady who answered the phone to me yesterday when I was feeling very worried and stressed and who arranged an appointment at Upton with Dr Manju. What a lovely GP! Thank you so much, Dr Manju, for being so understanding, diligent and wise - you are exceptional. Thank you, too, to the kind and smiling receptionist who organised a blood test and follow up appointment for me. An amazing team.


To: Hamworthy Reception Ladies
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Wanted to thank the kind reception staff at Hamworthy for always doing a super job. You are always so busy but on each visit you have been so helpful and patient, and always have a smile! I think you all deserve a payrise for the work you do, the Adam Practice is lucky to have you. Well done ladies and thank you again


To: Dr Green
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Dr Green was excellent with my baby this week, she was calm, diligent and helped keep my baby interested and calm when he was feeling very unwell. Thank you for your excellent care.


To: Nurse Hannah and Dr Poon
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Dr Poon has been incredible recently, really listening to the problems I was having and not brushing them off as something that would get better. She listened to my concerns about what we could do and left me feeling heard, empowered and like she actually wanted to help. When I had a flare up in symptoms I had a call booked really quickly after a Klinik submission and had a phone call with nurse Hannah. I came away from the phone call crying because she was just so super nice and caring and understanding. The only words I’ve been able to use to describe the feeling is I felt like I had been wrapped in a massive hug through the phone to comfort and show she cared (and I don’t like being touched so this is big). I genuinely cannot thank these two superstars enough.

Becky Hall

To: Dr Owen
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Thank you Dr Owen for being so calm and relaxed with my son last week. He has had a worrying time and Dr Owen was great with him. Thank you so much

Louise Makey

To: Dr Oxley
The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery, Poole

Thank you so much to my GP Dr Oxley for his support and speed of service after my recent ovarian cyst diagnosis. My MRI came back clear. Thank you so much.

Claire Symons

To: Emma, reception
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Thank you for personally guiding me through the Klinik system which resulted in an immediate appointment with Dr Moore, Emma is always helpful and emphatic.


To: Dr Shiddo
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

A huge thank you to Dr Shiddo who made a big breakthrough for us this week with some blood test results. It really made me feel seen and heard. He does a great job and thank you.

Rebecca Warbis

To: Dr Poon
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Dr Poon has supported me for the last year almost, with my diagnosis of ME. She was one of the only people to truly listen and take my symptoms seriously. She reassured me time and time again and nothing was ever too much. Although my life is different now I’ll be forever grateful for her listening and supporting me and giving me the advice to make things feel a little easier!

Zoe Swinburn

To: Dr Read
The Adam Practice - Heath Cottage Surgery, Lytchett matravers

I would like to say thank you to Dr Read, she has been very helpful to me and trying to help with my problems. She is very understanding and she listens well.

Emma Hall

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