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To: Tina, Julie , Di and Tom in Theatre and HCA Surgery Lounge Ward
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

I would like to thank more people from my operation yesterday who were fabulous. Thank you to Tina (I think she was called) who took me down to the Theatre. Thank you to Julie at the Theatres desk too for making me laugh! Thank you to Tom who was really reassuring and professional, I really appreciated our chat about our Labradors. Thank you to Di who was looking after me in recovery and to the HCA (think his name began with H or K?) in the Surgery Lounge Ward who was kind and gentle too!

Beth Hutton

To: Carla Platts, Deputy Matron
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

I'd like to thank Carla Platts. She is so kind and gentle and very reassuring. Please tell her how fab she is!

Beth Hutton

To: Bruce on Reception and the X-ray Staff
Grantham and District Hospital, Grantham

I attended Grantham walk-in at approximately 9 pm last night (3rd October) with my friend's daughter who had fallen down stairs and injured her knee. I was told it could be a wait as there were other patients but I only waited approximately 30 minutes to be seen. The female doctor was absolutely wonderful and explained what would happen and possible next steps. We were sent for an X-ray, given pain relief, and back in by 10.30 pm. The doctor wanted to run the X-ray past colleagues as there were some slight anomalies. This was all done by 23.15 and I cannot praise the team highly enough. Bruce on the desk was welcoming, and helpful and even made the patient smile when she was really suffering. The X-ray staff were wonderful and I can genuinely say I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care given at such a late hour in a small hospital. Please pass my sincere thanks to everyone on duty, it made an awful situation much better.

Nichola Walker

To: Mr Kulkarni and the surgical team.
Grantham and District Hospital, Grantham

The first floor surgical staff. All for saving my life and the aftercare, and a big not forgetting those Colorectal Nurses that check up on you. Thank you thank you. I moved up to Long Bennington from Surrey almost two years ago, and what a good move that turned out to be. What a great village, Doctors Surgery, and Hospitals I've come to. They have saved my life, and you cannot get better than that. What more can I say, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ?

Brian Fisher

To: Covid Department
County Hospital Louth, Louth

At 11.30pm on Monday 12th June I posted a positive Covid result, being a vulnerable patient. Within 12 hours, I received 3 phone calls including an arrangement to pick me up to come to Lincoln Hospital for an intravenous infusion. Everything was so slick and professional and everyone I encountered was kind and frindly. Thank you.

Phil Roberts

To: A&E
Grantham and District Hospital, Grantham

I came in with a dog bite to my hand and was seen quite quickly for initial examination but then had a long wait to be given treatment. I want to say that during my wait the department was so so busy and the staff were run off their feet. When I was given treatment the Dr and nursing staff were lovely and I was treated very well. I just want to say thanks to all of them.

Fiona Ross

To: Breast screening department (with special thanks to Dr Ali)
Pilgrim Hospital Boston, Boston

Thank you for your kindness and care during my recent cancer diagnosis, I was overwhelmed and confused and you were all amazing from the receptionist to the consultants especially Dr Ali. I have now started chemo and am positive about my future. You are all amazing, the service was so quick at every stage, from outside looking in it was so slick, integrated and professional. This type of care would easily better the finest private hospitals in the world by a country mile. Thank you all to the greatest healthcare service in the world.

Donna Wright

To: All Staff
Grantham and District Hospital, Grantham

Thank you for all your help when I had my small operation. Such kind people. Thank you to all the Nurses, Doctors, Porters, Cleaners and everyone that makes our hospitals great xx

Ann Short

To: Gastronomy Department
Grantham and District Hospital, Grantham

Thank you to the Doctor and staff on duty on 20 January for making an unpleasant procedure, more bearable.

Dawn Richards

To: Waddington Ward
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

Thank you for the outstanding care, each and every one of you gave to me during my recent stay. You are amazing ?

Teresa Summersgill

To: 111. Angela
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

Thank you SO much for your help and reassurance over the telephone and for sending 2 lovely members of staff on a home visit for my husband today (Sunday 16th January). Please let them know, he hasn't been sick since the injection and has managed to sleep! Your care is much appreciated, at what is a very difficult time for the NHS staff Stay safe xx

Jennifer Vere

To: All Staff on Digby Ward
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

Thank you to everyone on Digby Ward who took care of my brother after his traumatic accident recently. Despite it being so busy all the time, we really appreciate your care and compassion x

Sally Crossland

To: All Staff
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

I would just like to thank all the staff for the excellent work you do. I know at this moment, you are under enormous pressure with acutely ill patients with Covid and non-Covid. I was in hospital with Covid pneumonia and type 1 respiratory failure a year ago in January. I am one of the lucky ones. Thank you, thank you for all you did for me and my family would like to thank you too. Merry Xmas to the crew at LCH xxxxxxx


To: Witham Ward
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

Thank you so much to all the Nurses who looked after my dad recently. I think their names were Chloe and Sophie who I spoke to. I could genuinely see how much you cared and looked after us as a family.

Nathan Wilson

To: Sharon Kidd
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire

A big thank you to Sharon for being such an incredible champion of patient and staff wellbeing at Lincolnshire NHS Trust - a true role model!

James McLoughlin

To: Ingham Suite, Oncology
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

To all the staff who work Tuesdays & Fridays. Due to going 3 times a month for my weekly chemotherapy, they work extremely hard, even when they are snowed under. The Unit is always clean and they are always around if you want a drink or something to eat. I can't thank them enough. So now every time I walk in, I always have a smile on my face.

Imogen Reid

To: Carol Jackson, Cancer Care Coordinator, Ingham Suite
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire

She works so hard everytime I see her. She will spend time with new patients and old, when you are having your chemotherapy. She always has a smile on her face. Not only that, even when she isn't working, she is one of the Admins on The Lincolnshire Cancer Support on Facebook, giving out lots of love and support all the time.

Imogen Reid

To: Lincoln County Hospital
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire

I would like to thank Lincoln County Hospital for the encouragement and support I received on my journey from coast to coast, helping me to spread positivity through the power of gratitude across the country!

Simon Gamewell

To: Estates Department with a special mention to Chris Newton and The Maternity and Labour Ward
Pilgrim Hospital Boston, Boston

Thank you to the Estates Department at Pilgrim Hospital; you are not under appreciated. Although behind the scenes, we know you are there and are grateful for all that you do. You keep the heating going, the lights on and taps running with safe and clean water. ❤️ Can I say a special thank you to my partner Chris Newton (plumber) on the Estates team. Thank you also to the Maternity Care Team and the Labour Ward, who helped bring my second little boy, Elliott into the world in May. You all made me feel so safe and looked after. I couldn't have asked for better care, but also thank you for taking the time to care for my partner, who was alongside me the whole way. Pilgrim throughout my pregnancy, have been a fantastic support. THANK YOU ❤️

Laura Cowlen

To: Nursing Team, Royal Eye Department
Pilgrim Hospital Boston, Boston

To the nurse in the Eye Dept, who made sure that I did not lose my place in the queue, to see the Consultant, as I was going for various tests.

Anne Knapp

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