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To: Dr Vicky Woolridge and trainee
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

Many thanks for listening to me, helping me with my pain, and believing in me when no one else did. I was at my lowest point and your help was very much appreciated. Wish many more doctors were as compassionate about mental health as you. Thank you xx

Colette Atkinson

To: Chloe Finnamore
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

Thank you for believing me when everyone else didn't. For trying when everyone else failed. Thank you.


To: Toni Clifford
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

Many thanks, Toni, for guiding me through the ever-evolving IT maze …. I made it !!! 😊

Lynda Macfarlane

To: Dr Lachlan and the Admin Team
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

I would like to thank all those mentioned for their help and understanding last Thursday (9th Nov) when I had to get to Heysham Heath Centre from Windermere. I was late for my appointment due to the Police closing the A591. Dr Lachlan still saw me and the receptionist and telephonist were most helpful too.

Marion Howarth

To: David Horn
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

I am not sure if David Horn works at the location I chose. David was being seen at the same HCA ER when I was being seen and I wanted to thank him for being fantastic off the clock. Even though he obviously was not feeling well he was upbeat, chipper and entertaining. I also wanted to apologize for stealing his chair. Thanks for hanging out with my kid, David. And thank you for being diligent on and off the clock.

Heather Hitt

To: Max Harrison, District Nurses and Dr Whitfield
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

Thank you for home visits due to the spreading blisters and heat from the foot. Was feeling very unwell

Sue Martinez de lecea

To: Morecambe health centre
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

Was not well at home and listed workers came out to help across the day .. last visit was 9.00 pm … excellent communication and reassuring care. Thank you

Sue Martinez de lecea

To: Receptionist
Bay Medical Group, Heysham

To all the receptionists that work at Bay Medical. I know you get a ton of flack. I just want you to know I appreciate you. Often I ring with a list and patiently we work through it. I've used the messaging service also numerous times and that has been a brilliant experience also.

Faye Montford

To: Dr Jennifer Horrocks
Westgate Medical Practice, Westgate, Morecambe, Westgate

Thank you for listening and making me feel like I am not going mad. To be able to unload all my feelings/symptoms and me feel like I am being taken seriously and not wasting an appointment (sorry for over running my time). Thank you so much.

Catherine Walker

To: Chris
West End Medical Practice, Morecambe, Morecambe

You are amazing


To: All Staff
Bay Medical Group, Heysham

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