Medway and Swale ICS, Kent Thanking Wall

Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.


To: Julie Watson
Medway and Swale, ICS, Community Services, Maidstone

Thank you for being equally important as part of the English care in the Medway Care community

Sue Mcquade

Medway and Swale, ICS, Ambulance Service, Maidstone

Please send my sincere appreciation and thanks to the wonderful ambulance and paramedics, who helped me so much yesterday 17th June 2023. I am disabled and having surgery next week, and suffer many problems, including Chronic Pain Disorder. The team who took me to hospital and managed to control my excruciating pain, at home, were absolutely wonderful and I can't thank them enough. Unfortunately, I have no idea of their names, but my house postcode is ME1 3DD. Please send my sincere thanks, especially for insisting on me going to hospital, where I received fantastic care ref my complex disabilities. Thank you All so very much. Kindest Regards Monica


To: To All Staff
Medway and Swale ICS, Kent, Maidstone

We would like to welcome Medway and Swale Integrated Services to TAP and look forward to sharing gratitude amongst your community of services.


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