Aspens Charities Thanking Wall

Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.


To: Simon
Aspens Charities, Pembury

Thank you for all you have done for our son and our family for the last few years. We all miss you.


To: West Kent Supported Living & Outreach services
Aspens Charities, Pembury

Thank you to all our dedicated support staff and front line workers, you are all amazing 👏

Jenny Francis

To: All staff at Aspens
Aspens Charities, Pembury

Thank you for everything that you do! Your work is invaluable and you make such a huge difference to people’s lives. I am in awe of the amazing work that’s been carried out across Aspens.

Ellie Rutherford

To: Aspens Charity Retail, eCommerce and Hospitality Departments
Aspens Charities, Pembury

Our five retail shops, eCommerce Department and The Bluebell Café are the face of Aspens. Thank you all for the amazing hard work, dedication, inspiration and commitment you bring to Aspens. The wonderful staff and volunteers are an amazing bunch of people. Keep up the good work. Thank You :)

Eve Halliday

To: All of Aspens amazing staff and volunteers
Aspens Charities, Pembury

A huge thanks to all the staff and volunteers at Aspens. You are truly amazing and I'm constantly impressed by your compassion, dedication and commitment to the people we support. A big thanks to you all.

Ruth Campbell

To: Our Supported Living Outreach West Sussex and Surrey team
Aspens Charities, Pembury

Thank you for all that you do! Your efforts to enable the PWS support are appreciated

Ali Burnett

To: All our employees, casual workers and volunteers at Aspens Charities
Aspens Charities, Pembury

Thank you for all that you do. You truly make an incredible difference in the lives of the people that we support.

Jo Gouldthorpe

To: Jo Gouldthorpe
Aspens Charities, Pembury

We look forward to sharing gratitude with you and your community.

Ann Shaw

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