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To: All of Cranbury College, from the people who have moved on to the people who are still there, Cranbury College, Reading

Thank you everyone for getting me through the past few years, as tough as it’s been you’ve all been there to support me every step of the way, you are all amazing and I'm grateful for each and every one of you. I would list names but there are so many people that I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from, so, THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Jake Harrison

To: Zoe Dempsey, School-Home Support, London

I wish she had been there before, she has been amazing.

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To: Jamie Mcdonald, School-Home Support, London

Jamie was amazing for Lacy and helped her settle and helped her confidence to grow immensely. I can only wish every school member of staff could be like this. With Jamie it was not just a job and you could see that see cared and did her best for families. You could see it all the children loved Jamie. She has helped many children with their confidence and helped other children to grow also that became friends with Lacy.

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To: Abena Opong, School-Home Support, London

Amazing, takes on more than she can handle, went over and above. She is amazing, super star - life changer.

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To: Abena Opong, School-Home Support, London

She was an amazing help and strength to me as the parent, my daughter and grandmother. Listened to me and gave me so much emotional support and went above and beyond and just brilliant.

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To: Joyce Udu, School-Home Support, London

brilliant great asset to SHS.

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To: Joyce Udu, School-Home Support, London

Really happy with the support Joyce has provided, she's really easy to talk to and a nice lady.

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To: Kam Marshall, School-Home Support, London

Kam has been absolutely amazing, I can't thank her enough for everything that girl has done for me and my kids. What your team actually does helps, you don't just say it you love it. I never felt judged. Knowing Kam is there is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Kam just cares, she helps and doesn't judge.

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To: Alexia Waysay, School-Home Support, London

It's been invaluable support, she's always there on the phone or present in school playground. Alexia meets us at the car and takes my daughter into school when she's feeling anxious. She has so much knowledge and when I ask her something and she doesn't know the answer, she always finds it out for me and phones me straight back.

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To: Sarah Ali Hogan, School-Home Support, London

Sarah was amazing and if it wasn't for her, my daughter wouldn't be in school.

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To: Mrs Barker, South Failsworth Primary School, Manchester

Thank you for your hard work with the children, and the general feel in Foundation. You're an asset to the school and Foundation unit. Your learning methods and friendly approach is powerful and it has been amazing to watch Jemima flourish so much in class and out and enjoy learning and reading so much this year. Thank you so much for your care and attention to detail, we'd happily stay on another year. It really has been fantastic. Thanks a million. Mark and Becki

Mark Robison

To: Miss James and Mrs Blair, South Failsworth Primary School, Manchester

A big thank you to Miss James and Mrs Blair for making year 1 so amazing. Adam is going to miss you both! Adam loves coming to school, always comes home saying what he’s learnt!

Kim Thomson

To: All the year 5 staff full time or part time in Elangeni school, Elangeni School, Amersham

A big thank you for making year 5 another great year x Have a great summer term. Also a big thank you to 5B and 5H parents and students for my lovely gifts and kind words in my cards. You have been great students keeping me busy as always enjoy your summer keep safe xxx Mrs Bunce

Clare Bunce

To: Miss Hunter, Holy Family School, Addlestone

Huge thanks for being such an amazing teacher, Caden has loved being in year 4 with you.

Caragh Chillistone

To: Helen, Cranbury College, Reading

Such wonderful caring team you have I will never forget the kind words your team gave me and my son when he was really down his life had changed in such a big way thanking you is not enough ♥️

Seemya Abbass

To: Helen Fox, Cranbury College, Reading

Helen you are amazing the support and patience your have given over the years is showing positive now. My son is engaged with education and future and so far away from the dark place he was in mainstream school. You are a star and I will always gratefully for your support!

To: Matthew Longden, Outwood Academy Adwick, Woodlands

Thank you for all of your support during staff absence, it is really appreciated!

Leah Asquith

To: Kathy McMurray, Outwood Academy Adwick, Woodlands

Thank you so much for everything you have done during staff absence - you really supported the department

Leah Asquith

To: Tom Reed, Outwood Academy Adwick, Woodlands

The past two weeks have been tricky but you have supported us in any way you can - thank you so much!

Leah Asquith

To: Lottie Williams, Outwood Academy Adwick, Woodlands

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in for our students - the lessons you are planning are brilliant and you have been our rock during the past few weeks.

Leah Asquith

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