Emergency Services Thanking Wall

Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: Hospital Staff
Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol

I would like to thank the staff at BRI A&E who attended me on Sunday 7/1/24. From the moment I presented at Reception, I felt in safe hands. Also the Triage nurse (Tom, I think) the Nurse Practitioner, Susie, who was wonderfully thorough and caring, and the two Radiologists. I could not have been better looked after. Thank you all so much for your caring attention. Sue G

Susan Griffiths

To: South Central Ambulance Service
South Central Ambulance Service, South Buckinghamshire

I am an alcoholic, and unfortunately suffered a relapse a few weeks ago and got myself very sick. I needed to call out an ambulance, and two very friendly and reassuring paramedics attended. They were incredibly kind and non-judgemental despite the circumstances. I was sick as a dog and couldn't properly thank them at the time, but I hope my thanks reaches them here. I have been sober since that day and am doing so much better :)

Philip Bateman

To: Hannah and Lauren (?) The Paramedics who came to my dad
Hillingdon Hospital, Hillingdon

A massive thank you to Hannah and Lauren (?) - I think I have their names correct. Who responded to a 999 call when I found my elderly father on the floor. They were so kind, considerate and thoughtful as well as practical and supportive. I was very impressed with their help / work. Thank you!

Nigel de Sousa

To: NHS Ambulance Staff, Derby
Emergency services, Derby

I would like to thank the wonderful staff that came to my rescue after I attempted suicide. I do not know their names but the 3 people came out, helped me and talked with me for over an hour. They got me smiling and laughing despite my foolishness. The NHS does such a wonderful job. I can't thank those ambulance workers enough. Thank you

Jeremy Roskrow

To: Dr G Mendoza Yu and Dr Mark Ericson Chua, Makati Medical Center, Makati, Phillippines
unit ward, MMC, Makati Medical Centre, Makati City, Phillippines

Thanks for their expertise in Medical field in getting me better. The smiles and care that I needed most when I was worried.

Mario Dalupang

To: All Essential Workers

Thank you to the Police, Carers, Fire people, Nurses, Doctors, Posties and Ambulance people. Thank you all for all your hard work God bless you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

Pauline Cunningham

To: All Essential workers

Thank you to each and everyone, who has kept us safe in the pandemic. To Nurses, Doctors, Doctors' Receptionists, Firemen/ Women, Paramedics, staff in shops, Bus drivers, Delivery Drivers, Farmers and Carers. The list is too long to mention each and everyone. Thank you to everyone that has kept this country going. A big thank you to you all.

Linda Edwards

To: Basildon Hospital Staff, Ambulance, Nurses and Doctors!! Thank You Day

Thank you for all that you do to keep our family and friends well!!! Xxx

Kelly Cox-Barratt

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