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Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: Dr Neave, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

I saw Dr Neave for a minor event which I was unsure was serious enough to bother my doctor with in a face to face contact. I felt a bit of a time waster. She listened, and did a test. She referred me to a cardiologist. As a result of her tests and actions, a heart problem has been identified, which is now being dealt with at the heart clinic. She listened, she cared, and her expertise, even a gut feeling has made sure I get the right treatment. So thank you.

Gail Rooke

To: Sam and Sian and all the other doctors at UCH pediatric A & E, NHS

Thank you so much to Sam and Sian and all the other amazing doctors and nurses at UCH pediatric A & E. You were so kind and warm and lovely and the care my daughter, Isabella Yanis, received was fantastic. I’m so grateful.

Anna McCarthy

To: All Receptionists, The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery

I thank you ALL for you're devotion to a very stressful job. Your devotion to looking after us is exceptional. You have a thankless job , i wish everybody treated you with courteous behavior when you take there call. I love all of you. I wish the government could pay you what you deserve. But we are in unprecedented time . To me, each and every one of you are the heroes who keep our NHS going. Please don't leave we all need you more than you know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rodney Burchett-Vass

To: Dominco And Trent, Queen Square Imaging Centre, London

I want to thank them for their support during my MRI brain scan today. They made it positive for me and knew that adding some humour would help me. Thank you!

Patrick Melville

To: Dr Leonard, Grove Medical Practice, St Ives

Thank you for the kind and efficient way you followed up and referred me. It is lovely to experience such no fuss, understanding care.

To: Steph Pepper, Bassetlaw CCG, NHS

Hello, I would like to send a huge message of thanks and my (and my family's) sincerest appreciation of Steph. She was a true professional through and through and the heartfelt care she gave my partner was second to none. Covid is still a relatively unknown disease and despite this she was (in my opinion as I am very nervous of Covid) potentially willing to put herself at risk (despite wearing FFP etc) to care for people so heartfully and with the upmost dignity that she doesn’t really know. Her natural ability to make us feel at ease and my partner comfortable was incredible. She was truly outstanding, and I cannot thank her enough. I would truly appreciate it if my comments about her were most importantly passed on to her. I want her to know she really was very much appreciated and valued. I also think that her manager(s) / superiors etc should be aware at what an outstanding member of staff they have. Thank you Steph – you really are an asset to our health service.

To: Breast screening department (with special thanks to Dr Ali), Pilgrim Hospital Boston

Thank you for your kindness and care during my recent cancer diagnosis, I was overwhelmed and confused and you were all amazing from the receptionist to the consultants especially Dr Ali. I have now started chemo and am positive about my future. You are all amazing, the service was so quick at every stage, from outside looking in it was so slick, integrated and professional. This type of care would easily better the finest private hospitals in the world by a country mile. Thank you all to the greatest healthcare service in the world.

Donna Wright

To: All Staff, NHS

Thank you I much appreciate all the hard work of the Barnsley Hospital and all the mental health teams much appreciated!!!

Susan Farmer

To: Ravi, Grove Medical Practice, St Ives

Thanks so much for sorting out all the medication changes and checking in with both me and mum. Everything's sorted and a huge relief from our end.

Hattie James

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice, Poole

I want to acknowledge and thank The Adam Practice for highlighting this incredible initative. Chat Cafe Local ( is tackling loneliness in communities and clearly making a huge difference to lives!

Ann Campion

To: All NHS Staff, NHS

Thank you to all who work to help those who are suffering.

Margaret Anderson

To: Dr Chapman, The Adam Practice - Heath Cottage Surgery

Dr Chapman is utterly amazing. She took the time to both check and reassure my daughter regarding her ribs and emetophobia this afternoon. I cannot tell you how much her kindness and thoroughness has made to my daughter, thank you so much.

Jill Pryor

To: The NHS Addictions Provider Alliance, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for all your resilience over the past 2 years. You have ensured patient needs continued to be met. How you have collectively adapted services has been incredible. THANK YOU

Louise Hansford

To: The FAB team, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

On behalf of TAP, I’d like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the past couple of years. We love your positivity and focus on sharing the fab stuff within the care sector!

James McLoughlin

To: Rachel Jurr, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

Thank you for the amazing way you amplify the spread of people's great shares to the website in such an engaging way.

Terri Porrett

To: Fab Ambassadors, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

I would just like to say a huge Thank You, to all of our Fab Ambassadors! You all work so hard ensuring the best care is given to your patients/service users and then above that have so much energy and passion to truly showcase what The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff Ethos is. So Thank You

Dani Gillett

To: The NHS workforce (past and present), The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

Thank you for your tenacity, strength and service Academy of Fab Ambassador West Midlands

To: Terri, Rachel and Dani, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

Thank you for all you do for all the FAB ambassadors keeping our enthusiasm and love for our NHS alive (you’re inspirational)

Helen Way

To: Cerner Uk & Liaison Group, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

A big thank you to these companies because without them supporting us we could not put on these campaigns, events and share the good stuff in health and social care!

Fab Team

To: Dr P Patel and Dr Dyerson, Magnolia House Surgery, Sunningdale, NHS

Please thank Dr Prash Patel at Magnolia House GP sunningdale and Dr Dyerson, always so helpful and available - so love our GP service, feel very lucky

Shelley Hayman

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