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Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: Danielle Potter, Torbay Hospital, Torquay
Torbay Hospital, Torquay

Whilst recently being a patient at Torbay Hospital and awaiting an x-ray I couldn't fail to notice a porter's outstanding care toward an elderly lady who was on a mobile stretcher awaiting treatment. I now know the porter's name to be Danielle Potter. The genuine and warmness of care she portrayed was actually quite moving. To the point where I'm taking time out to heap praise.


To: Tina
The Richmond Hill Practice, Colne, Colne, lancs

Tina has been brilliant at helping me solve problems at this very distressing time. She is very efficient, helpful and friendly. She goes the extra mile for you. Don't know what I would have done without her!

Lorraine Segui Rayo

To: Dr Green
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Dr Green was excellent with my baby this week, she was calm, diligent and helped keep my baby interested and calm when he was feeling very unwell. Thank you for your excellent care.


To: Nurse Hannah and Dr Poon
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Dr Poon has been incredible recently, really listening to the problems I was having and not brushing them off as something that would get better. She listened to my concerns about what we could do and left me feeling heard, empowered and like she actually wanted to help. When I had a flare up in symptoms I had a call booked really quickly after a Klinik submission and had a phone call with nurse Hannah. I came away from the phone call crying because she was just so super nice and caring and understanding. The only words I’ve been able to use to describe the feeling is I felt like I had been wrapped in a massive hug through the phone to comfort and show she cared (and I don’t like being touched so this is big). I genuinely cannot thank these two superstars enough.

Becky Hall

To: Louis (Hygienist) and Phil (Dentist)
Portmore Dental, Weybridge, Surrey

Thank you both so much for being amazing with my young son Jacob this morning! You are both wonderful! 14th Feb

Tracy Kriel

To: The Whole Practice!
The Richmond Hill Practice, Colne, Colne, lancs

As always, a very helpful and efficient response. Thank you!!

Gary Wilson

To: Dr Owen
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Thank you Dr Owen for being so calm and relaxed with my son last week. He has had a worrying time and Dr Owen was great with him. Thank you so much

Louise Makey

To: Dr Oxley
The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery, Poole

Thank you so much to my GP Dr Oxley for his support and speed of service after my recent ovarian cyst diagnosis. My MRI came back clear. Thank you so much.

Claire Symons

To: Emma, reception
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Thank you for personally guiding me through the Klinik system which resulted in an immediate appointment with Dr Moore, Emma is always helpful and emphatic.


To: Dr Shiddo
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

A huge thank you to Dr Shiddo who made a big breakthrough for us this week with some blood test results. It really made me feel seen and heard. He does a great job and thank you.

Rebecca Warbis

To: Receptionist with blond hair
The Richmond Hill Practice, Colne, Colne, lancs

Thanks for responding to my health issue on Tuesday and referring me through to a clinician. Whilst waiting I watched you deal with many other patients and your professional manner and calm approach is to be recognised....well done.. excellent customer service

Vicki Devonport

To: Dr Lisa Brook and Dr Harriet
The Richmond Hill Practice, Colne, Colne, lancs

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my health issue earlier this week and referring me direct to hospital for treatment for cellulitis on my nose. I was admitted and hospital team full of praise for fact you took this action. Two days of IV and am on the mend. Grateful x

Vicki Devonport

To: Dr Gadi Shalom
Chapelford Medical Centre, Warrington

I am eternally grateful that you quickly identified my medical issue. The medication has turned my life around from misery to happiness. And for you to say that it was your privilege to help me. Thank you so much.

Peter Beck

To: Dr Poon
The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery, Poole

Dr Poon has supported me for the last year almost, with my diagnosis of ME. She was one of the only people to truly listen and take my symptoms seriously. She reassured me time and time again and nothing was ever too much. Although my life is different now I’ll be forever grateful for her listening and supporting me and giving me the advice to make things feel a little easier!

Zoe Swinburn

To: Toni Clifford
Morecambe Health Centre, Morecambe

Many thanks, Toni, for guiding me through the ever-evolving IT maze …. I made it !!! 😊

Lynda Macfarlane

To: Lorna Mutch
Greater Manchester Mental Health, Wigan

Couldn't have asked for a better therapist than Lorna. She's helped me start to turn my life around and been the exact support system I believe the system is designed to provide.

Callum Freeman

To: Ellen Druce
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

I don't want to say too many words and risk trivialising their meaning so I will just say this - Ellen is an invaluable asset to NHS mental health services. It was almost scary how quickly she came to understand the critical situation my loved one was in and saved him in acute crisis from one contact while other services were bouncing him between themselves because he has dementia and newly onset psychotic mental health crossover and forget there was a patient in the middle of it and me, his carer. Ellen didn't miss anything and coordinated everyone to take notice and listen. If she could be cloned the world would be one that promotes kindness and hope.


To: Everyone
The Richmond Hill Practice, Colne, Colne, lancs

Thank you for all you do to keep the surgery running to and keeping us safe.

julie Barrett

To: Dr Read
The Adam Practice - Heath Cottage Surgery, Lytchett matravers

I would like to say thank you to Dr Read, she has been very helpful to me and trying to help with my problems. She is very understanding and she listens well.

Emma Hall

To: Dr Garland
The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery, Poole

Dr Garland was unbelievably kind when I came in with dizziness that has been really debilitating. After so many other doctors have seen me I finally feel heard. Thank you.


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