How to write a thank you note to hospital staff

How to write a thank you note to hospital staff

Hospital staff work tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the best care and have the most positive recovery they can. More often than not, their hard work and dedication is overlooked because, due to the demanding nature of the job, words of praise or appreciation are often put to the bottom of the list. But sending thank you notes can make a big difference. So how do you write a thank you note to hospital staff, and ensure it gets to the right person?

Here at Thank and Praise (TAP), our mission is to encourage more people to send a thank you note to a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional. We know this can be time-consuming and difficult to organise - but that's why TAP was created! Our online platform and TAP App are designed to help you quickly and easily write a thank you note and send it digitally to that special someone, all at the touch of a button. So read on to learn how to write a thank you note to hospital staff, and send it via TAP's digital thanking platform.

How to write a thank you note to a doctor, nurse or hospital team: who and why?

Before drafting your thank you note, you'll first need to work out who you want to thank and why. Is it an individual who has gone above and beyond to bring you or a loved one high-quality care? Or, has a team of healthcare professionals provided you with thoughtful attentiveness and excellent treatment? Did this person or team support you through your recovery patiently and professionally?

If it's an individual, then a lovely touch would be to learn their name and address the thank you note to them personally. This will show the person that they've made an impression on you, and you've taken the time and made the effort to get to know them. If it's a team of people, then address your note to the whole group and if possible, you could include the name of a specific team member, or team leader e.g. 'to Dr. Osbourne and her amazing team' or 'to Ward Sister Jenny Smith and all the nurses on Primrose Ward'.

What to write in a thank you card to nurses and doctors: creating your message

This is perhaps the most important step in deciding how to write a thank you note to hospital staff, as you'll want to express your gratitude in the right way. Once you've thought about who you want to thank and why, it's time to write your thank you note using TAP - you can type this either on a public digital thanking wall, or via a private message. Think about what stood out to you. You can make a list if that helps! Was it their professionalism? Their kindness and patience? Their positive attitude? Or was it their quick and efficient workflow? Whatever it is, make sure you mention it in your note. Examples would be:

"Dear [enter individual's name or team name], thank you for taking care of me so diligently and professionally, whilst I was recovering from my surgery."


"Dear [enter individual's name or team name], thank you for being by my beside during my treatment and putting a smile on my face when I was feeling worried."

This not only gives hospital staff positive feedback, but it affirms that their way of working has been recognised and appreciated. It will give workers a boost to know that what they are doing is having the desired effect, and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Another tip for how to write a thank you note to hospital staff, is including how you feel in your words of thanks. For example, you could say:

"Your patience with me has meant I am now feeling stronger, and I am feeling much more hopeful about my recovery."


"Your positive attitude and kindness reassured my family that I was being looked after, and throughout my stay I felt I was in good hands."

This emphasises the words of appreciation you're communicating, as it demonstrates the direct impact their care and hard work has had on you. These sentences are sure to make any healthcare professional smile!

How to finish your thank you note to hospital staff?

To end your message of thanks, a simple affirmation of your thanks such as "I really appreciate it" can go a long way. You could also write a sentence of encouragement to give them confidence to continue their wonderful work. For example:

"Your work has an enormous, positive impact on people, keep it up!"


"You've been fantastic every step of the way, so carry on with the great work"

Sending your thank you note to hospital staff though TAP

If you want to write a thank you note to hospital staff, and send it, but don't have the capacity to write one, or don't know how to get it to the person/team, then TAP is here to help!

Our free-to-use social thanking platform makes it easier for individuals to send words of appreciation to members of staff in the healthcare industry. The main aim of TAP is to reduce, or remove, barriers that prevent people from sending messages of thanks. All you need is a spare couple of minutes, the name of the person or team you want to thank, and where they work, and then we'll do the rest!

So follow these tips on how to write a thank you note to hospital staff, to create a personal and one-of-a-kind thank you message. Visit our Healthcare Thanking Wall to either share your message publicly on the digital thanking wall of your chosen healthcare organisation, or send it privately (by clicking the 'Say Thank You' button).

If you want to thank nursing staff, your doctor, or a hospital, then follow our simple steps and send a lovely message of gratitude. Whether you send a handwritten note, or a line or two via TAP, the most important thing is that you communicate your appreciation to our unsung heroes of the medical world.

Thank you notes and words of appreciation can make a big difference to someone's day. But it can have an even bigger impact. The evidence that gratitude improves well-being is undeniable. And this is most prevalent in the workplace, where gratitude has visible, positive effects on productivity, motivation, energy levels and stronger immunity. But it can give you, as the person giving thanks, an incredible sense of wellbeing too.

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