What to say in a Teacher Thank You Card

What to say in a Teacher Thank You Card

The end of the school year is a very exhilarating, yet busy time. There is a lot of excitement about moving up a year and being in a new environment, but there is also sadness at having to say goodbye. To help your children with the process of moving class, get them to reflect on their year with that special teacher, and send a message of gratitude to show how much they are appreciated - and do it digitally with TAP! But what to say in a teacher thank you card? Read on to find out more...

What to say in a teacher thank you card

The best way to show your appreciation to a teacher is by sending a heartfelt 'thank you'. But rather than a traditional thank you card, the quickest and easiest way to do this is to send it digitally! Using TAP's digital thanking platform makes this process so simple, delivering messages of thanks either on a public thanking wall, or via private message. The benefits of gratitude are many, and receiving a surprise message through TAP will do wonders for the wellbeing of hard-working school staff. But what to include in your message?

Here are some ideas to make your 'thank you' really special:

  • Make it personal by including memories, such as any funny moments your child has shared.
  • Think about what your teacher helped your child with and what lessons they enjoyed the most.
  • Highlight the qualities and characteristics of your teacher you like the best.
  • Mention what you're going to miss about your teacher.
  • Choose the one important thing your teacher taught your child that they'll remember.

Here are some examples of what to say in a teacher thank you card:

  • "Dear Miss Smith, thank you for all your help and support this year. You helped me a lot with my spellings! I'm going to miss the colourful displays in your classroom and the fun experiments you got us to do, especially the one where we made circuits! From Emma"
  • "You've been such a wonderful teacher, Miss Smith! I really enjoyed my time in Year 2 and I improved my maths skills a lot. I'll miss you testing us on our timetables. From Harry"

You could also add a nice quote in your thank you message, such as:

  • "A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything."
  • "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see."

What to write in a nursery thank you card?

And not forgetting our wonderful nursery teachers. Instead of worrying about what to write in a nursery thank you card, why not send a message of thanks digitally using TAP? You can do this either on their organisation's thanking wall so all their colleagues and other parents can see how they are appreciated, or via a personal message if you prefer.

If your young ones are leaving nursery, then you can get them to help you write your digital 'thank you'. But what to write? Keep it simple, so your child can help you. Think about how much they have grown, and how they've developed during their time in nursery, and write about that. Think about the skills your child has learned and the activities they have enjoyed - did they learn to tie their shoes, zip their own coat up, write their name or count to 10? You can ask your children what memories they have of nursery and how their teachers helped them, and include this.

Here are some examples:

  • "Thank you Mrs Appleton for taking such good care of Ben. He loved it when you would read to him, and we noticed a big improvement in his language skills."
  • "Mrs Wood thank you so much for looking after Sacha and encouraging her to be creative. We'd loved all the artwork she's brought home."
  • "Big thank you to Miss Upton, Rian has told us she will miss you a lot."

Why use TAP to send a teacher a thank you card?

TAP makes it easy to send a digital thank you card to any teacher, teaching assistant or member of staff at your children's school. This means, you don't have to run round finding a card, or multiple cards. You can just use the website or app, and send out messages of appreciation at a touch of a button - completely free.

The time you've saved looking for the right card, you can spend with your children discussing what to write. Sitting down with them and reflecting on the year will help process all they've learnt and done in the school year. And, it will make them feel involved in writing the card. You can follow our tips above to write a lovely, personal thank you message, and you can help your children type out the message, which will improve their writing, spelling and digital skills.

Your young one's teacher is sure to receive many compliments and thank you cards. But as any teacher will tell you, it's difficult to find a place for them all and to get back to everyone. But by using TAP, teachers can find all the lovely thank you messages in one place, and keep them together! They can return to these messages at any time, which is a great way to make your messages of gratitude long-lasting. Sending digitally saves paper too. And the money you'd have spent on a card you could put towards a little gift (it's a well-known secret that teachers love chocolate!)

Send a message of thanks to a teacher using the education thanking wall or via private message - just add the name of your teacher, their school and your heartfelt message and we'll do the rest.

If your school or nursery doesn't have a thanking wall, explore how to become a user organisation and create one here.

Make sending messages of gratitude even easier with the TAP App.